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checking myself out in the mirror
every morning when i wake up
doesn’t suddenly make my boyfriend
want to marry me

the green pants that haven’t fit
in over a year
now hang on my hips
but that doesn’t make my job
any less soul-crushing

i want to shout
“be kind to your curves!”
but then i get online
and see that yogi twisted up
and balancing on her elbows

dutifully planning diet-compliant meals
on sunday afternoons
only makes me pinch and prod and pose
a few hundred more times than usual


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The way boys are so comfortable with their bodies. The way they have no qualms about taking off their clothes. The way they are happy to be strutting around naked, not concerned at all that we’ll think they aren’t attractive. The way they just assume they are attractive or they hide┬átheir insecurities┬áREALLY well.


Someone – preferably one of these strutting males – needs to teach a class.

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