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I started lifting heavy weights; I began a real skincare routine; I planted a garden; I learned how to make candles and sourdough bread; I spoke real lines in a play; I bounced on an Olympic-style trampoline; I roasted my first artichokes and braised my first short ribs and baked my first sweet potato brownies; I gave the best man speech in my brother’s wedding; I traveled to St. Louis and Michigan and Maine and New Orleans and Philadelphia and the Outer Banks and Spain and Morocco; I took off my clothes in front of strangers at Spa World; I hiked all over Maryland and Virginia; I started being deliberate about saving money; And, if everything goes well, I might have a big, exciting announcement to share in the next few weeks.

Overall, not bad for my 30th year of life.


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at my best:

i am peaceful, wide-eyed, finding myself in the right place at the right time, playing outdoors, encouraging and excited about others’ achievements, dancing and writing and free to create

at my worst:

i am insecure, constantly seeking reassurance, comparing myself to everyone and always ending up at the bottom, bored and stagnant, stuck in other people’s rules and expectations, paralyzed by fear

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on the day that marked me being alive for 29 years
i woke up 3 minutes before my alarm
the flowers i bought yesterday looked beautiful
the sweater i wore is one of my favorites
i made a really great egg scramble for breakfast
i was out the door right on time
the drive to work wasn’t bad at all
i had a seat on the metro and read my new book
i got a free birthday starbucks drink
i saw a cute beagle-y dog
it was raining exactly the right amount
work kept me busy and wasn’t too stupid
my coworkers wished me a happy birthday
a lot of friends and family texted and wrote on my facebook wall
i bought tickets to a play full of people i love
more time to read on the train
i picked up sushi for dinner – it was made in 6 minutes!
i saw a bluejay fly by
i opened a card from aunt pat, and it had ten dollars inside
i made weekend exercise plans with my work bff
i baked a confetti cake that i then devoured
my ukulele asked for a tuning, so we played some songs together
i showered without shaving my legs
i applied a temporary tattoo to my shoulder that tells me carpe futurum
i pulled back my neatly made covers and slid under them
I watched an episode of grace and frankie
i set my alarm for the morning
i sunk into bed and slept

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