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Pulls me there when I read Corrie,
when I saw her play, when I
read your book
Keep it tucked away, push it aside,
forget about it while I’m doing shit for
rich kids
Ha! All the people I work with are
Jewish! (kvetching all over town)
Perfect opportunity to start a
discussion/lose my job
I just don’t know where to go next


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It’s 8:43 PM at ORD
My flight has been delayed for two hours
I’m due to arrive at BWI at 12:30 AM
And I won’t be home until probably 2
United Airlines didn’t give us food vouchers
The sandwiches in the airport, even the gross-looking ones, are at least $10
I’m headed away from a lover and toward a job I hate
I told myself months ago that I would start planning my escape
Now’s the perfect time

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