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It’s Amazing, Isn’t It?

I can be, at one moment, sitting at my table in the morning,
Annoyed at my boss for being an incomprehensible moron,
Pissed off at a coworker for talking down to me yet again,
Worried because my checking account balance is lower than I’d like,
Lonely because I am missing certain people dreadfully,

And then, my eyes are welling up
with the beginnings of tears,
And I’m drinking a delicious
coffee drink that I made,
And I’m listening to the different
birds chirping outside my house,
And I’m noticing how good it feels
to stop and not think of going,
And I’m reveling again in the sun and
shadows on my wall,
And isn’t morning light
the most beautiful of all,
And I’m reading your short chapter
about Hedy and thanking God and the universe
for letting me meet Katie Consamus,
who could convince me, in rural France,
to log into my SLU banner account
and change my life.

Present moments, wonderful moments.


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Bakery in the North End – powdered sugar

The other elevator in the hotel – honeydew melon

The man in the aisle seat in my row on the plane – herbal shampoo, an organic grocery store

The man in the middle seat in my row on the plane – sweat

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Evening – dumplings, beer

Morning – snow

Lunchtime – olives, cigarettes

Afternoon – curry, leather

Evening – soap, mint

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The plane from BWI to BOS – dog that needs a bath

Revere Hotel lobby – salon hair products

Revere Hotel elevator – Nannie and Grampie’s house

Conference check in – new plastic

Walking back to the hotel on Boylston – mulch

Walking by fancy stores in Back Bay – herb gardens

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