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Hiding from zombies, broke into a dance studio, helped Jason Segel get ready for a fashion show.

I had a lion friend who knocked down huge trees for me whenever we needed to have trees knocked down.

Kara Brovner has the bathroom code.

I was babysitting Mary and Cary. Cary was using a knife to scratch things in our house, so I took it from him and locked it in the basement. Mary was dream-Mary and very pleasant, but she asked me if I could take her to the closest store so she could get mint flavored gum. A realtor was coming up to the house as we left, and my phone rang at the same time. It was someone I had never seen but had planned to meet in a few weeks. I could tell I was already in love with him.


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there’s a kid sitting next to me at starbucks.
he’s chatting with a woman in the air force
about going to the academy.
a high school junior talking about his rigorous schedule
of academics and athletics.
he says he wants to serve his country,
and i want to jump up and shout and say:
it he only knew.
become a great teacher in a public school,
or a million other things.
yet an air force daughter keeps quiet,
drinks her mocha,
and mourns the loss of tricare insurance
and access to walter reed.

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sometimes i get a little sad
when i see a picture of mev
smiling at me on facebook.
i’m sad when i see the comments
from her friends and loved ones,
and i wish i had gotten to meet her, too.
and then i remember
i wish you had gotten to meet
my uncle jerry and see his smiling face
because you would have loved him,
and i bet mev would have, too.

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