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Fischer comes over to help my mom pick tomatoes. He’s a little suspicious of me at first because we haven’t seen each other in a while, but he’s too talkative to glare at me forever.

He tells me that Ace’s barks mean that he wants to play. He and Ace get nose to nose and bark at each other. They race alongside the fence, and dog spit flies everywhere.

Later he leans on me while he plays Angry Birds on my phone. He asks to be tickled, and he laughs huge kid belly laughs. When it’s time for me to leave, he grabs my pinky in a 5-year-old death grip and giggles some more.

It is warm and sunny, and I now have tomatoes to use in my dinner. I have laughed all afternoon, and I am ready for tomorrow.


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Sick Of…

I’m sick of my boss
I’m sick of making excuses for rich kids; they’re all a special case
And I’ve only been here 2 months
I’m sick of the beltway
I’m sick of spending so much on iced mochas that I don’t need
I’m sick of apartment searching, but I’m more sick of the high rents
I’m sick of frowning
I’m sick of the crease forming between my eyebrows
I’m sick of not being able to turn off my work brain
I’m sick of the heat
I’m sick of my dying computer
I’m sick of feeling defeated by the news – Israel, I’m looking at you
I’m sick of being asked, “Have you started applying for college yet?”
I’m sick of wasting so many plastic water bottles
I’m sick of hearing about the engagements and weddings
and breakups.
I’m sick of long distance relationships,
of not being able to hold hands,
of getting two days a month, approximately, to kiss.
I’m sick of people saying things like, “At this point in the digital age…” and “Complete school refusal mode”
I’m sick of happy hour
I’m sick of 25
Sick of wanting to change so much
Time to make this town sick of me

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