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I want to be happy and know the things that make me this way. My exuberance is evident to everyone when I’m wrapped up in things that give me joy. Let me dance or write or take pictures or cook or share meals with friends or explore or climb trees. But when I get in a depressing mood, I forget what those things are.

I am a good listener when I listen to strangers, but I take things too personally to be able to really listen to the one person I love.

I am so much more comfortable in social situations than I was two/three/four years ago, but I still have a long way to go.

I love my friends and love finding out little things about them that make them all the more lovable.

My limits are sometimes confusing. I desire to be strong and stand up for myself, but it’s muddy in the moment — is it the right time to stand up for myself, or should I be more open and forgiving? I think I’m getting closer to that every time, but then bad experiences get in the way.

I want to love and love and love and love. I remember not knowing how to be afraid in love, giving as much as I could right in the moment. I want to capture that again.


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