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The way boys are so comfortable with their bodies. The way they have no qualms about taking off their clothes. The way they are happy to be strutting around naked, not concerned at all that we’ll think they aren’t attractive. The way they just assume they are attractive or they hide┬átheir insecurities┬áREALLY well.


Someone – preferably one of these strutting males – needs to teach a class.


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On communication games in dating: “It’s great that there are at least 8 different ways of keeping in touch with people, but that also means there are at least 8 different ways of being rejected and 8 different ways of making yourself look like a desperate fool.”

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Staying up all night with the long-lost love:

I find it strange and remarkable that perhaps one of the most stable and loving romantic relationships I’ve had has been with someone whose physical presence I’ve been in for only about 3 months. It’s really amazing what has happened between us in 3 years. We stayed on the phone all night and only decided to stop talking when the muscles in my legs started twitching to tell me to go to sleep. The sun had already been up for hours.

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Can we talk about what that means?
why we look for more even when we’re happy?
the way I want to prove I can have everything at once?

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